Created to clean racks which are used in food production

Case: Cheese rack washer

If the crane trolley is not occupied for loading and unloading the cheeses, the remaining time is used to place soiled racks on the washing machine and remove them after cleaning.

The rack is placed on the door of the washing installation and locked. Then the door with a rack in the washing machine turns 90 ° until it closes. The space between the door and cabin is sealed by inflating the seal bellows. As a result, there is no question of water vapor or water during the operation of the washing installation.

There are spraying nozzles on the door, in the top of the cabine and there is a moving, U-shaped wagon with nozzles that continuously moves up and down during washing.
In this case there are 3 separate cycles with spray lines and nozzles:

  1. Pre-wash: from reservoir 1, washing is carried out for X1 time, this water is lost, then the remaining part of this rinsing water is recycled for X2 time. The reason is that quite a lot of salt crusts are released during the first rinsing and we do not want to recycle this water.
  2. Main wash cycle: Water in reservoir 2 is heated with a steam heat exchanger at 65 ° C and a detergent is dosed. This washing cycle takes Y time and ensures effective cleaning of the rack. Fats and salts are removed from the rack.
  3. Rinsing cycle: fresh water is heated to 65 ° C via a boiler and sprays the rack clean. All detergents are removed. Reservoir 1 is also replenished with this water.

All time settings and other parameters are configurable by the customer. The machine can be followed and operated via a touchscreen. During washing and afterwards for a certain time, the water vapors are extracted with a built-in fan. This ensures that virtually no hot water vapors escape when the washing installation is reopened. The entire cabin, door and reservoirs are temperature insulated. All movements are electrically and pneumatically operated, no hydraulic systems. This drastically reduces maintenance costs.

Rack description

  • Dimensions: 2400x843x2080mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: +/-400kg
  • Target: removal of salt crusts and fat
  • Delivery and removal of the racks: automatically with the help of the brine bath crane manipulator
  • Interaction: via network communication
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