Insulated container wash and dry systems

Food retailers use thermic insulated containers for the safe and efficient transportation of temperature-controlled food to retail stores facilities. These containers are cleaned in the logistic centers and reused countless number of times to ship food over and over again. Container cleaning is a crucial step in food operations and aspects like the effectiveness of the cleaning, the cost-efficiency of the process, the environmental impact and the water remaining in the container after the cleaning are essential.


Optainer® is an automated cleaning station capable for washing and drying food containers in a short time, at low cost, with reduced energy and water consumption.

Optainer® is a step forward with respect to our current cleaning stations (now gathered within LVP Cleantec® series) as it is more cost-efficient and effective than any other alternative. In effect, nowadays, a major part of container cleaning is done manually and the few existing automated solutions only clean from a distance. Optainer® offers better performance in terms of cleaning power, water and energy use, drying efficiency, speed of cleaning and occupied space in the logistic center. The installation of Optainer® cleaning stations reduces risk for foodborne illnesses during transportation of food and limits workers’ exposure to polluted boxes, saves money, energy and water and speeds up the logistic chain in the food retailing market.

Optainer® is the star product of the strategic LVP Cleantec® line.

LVP Engineering & Constructions has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 961203 for the Optainer® project.

Type C

Specifically developed for food containers on rollers.

Type E

Specifically developed for food containers on a fixed chassis.


The most ecologic solution!

Optainer saves 156.000kg of CO² and 5.352.000 liters of drinking water per year, compared to manual washing.

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